All you need to use Linked Data for your applications

10x faster SPARQL queries

Get a private SPARQL 1.1 query endpoint, fully compliant with the W3C recommendations. Our unique caching algorithm allows 10x performance boost

Automated data ingestion

Get a private SPARQL 1.1 update endpoint, fully compliant with the W3C recommendations. Use our data ingestion APIs to load data in your RDF graph database. Set it once and let the service keep your graph updated.

Big data ready RDF quadstore

Store from 10 millions to 1 billion RDF triples. If you need more, our Enterprise solution offers up to 30 billions triples.

W3C standards compliance

No lock-in, as you can switch to any other SPARQL 1.1. compliant engine at any time without changing your applications.

Software maintenance

All required systems are fully managed by our staff. Your graph database will be always aligned with the most performing and secure software.

Javascript ready

Integrate easily your application and systems. The platform features are driven by a set of RESTful APIs that are CORS enabled for easy integration.

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