At work in 3 steps

A fully managed service for business users to use linked open data and create value by...

...get the data from the web

...predicting frauds a single customer view

...your case

Step 1:

Choose open data

leverage the web 3.0 to increase your knowledge

detect open data

*Which open data can I use?*
Our data scientists will scout the web 3.0 and detect the ones relevant for you.
**Money back guarantee**

solve data inconsistencies

*How can I manage overlapped data?*
Express the trust you have in data sources and we will manage inconsistencies and duplications for you.
**Tracked data provenance**

reduce data complexity

*How can I manage multiple data set?*
Don't worry, you can start with just two data sets and add the others step by step, at any time.
**Future proof investment**

use billions of free open data

Step 2:

link data

leverage Linked Data without knowing about ontologies or graph databases

Link your data

*How can I link my data to avoid silos?*
We use the power of the last generation graph databases to link your data.
**Links allow to exploit data**

Give data a meaning

*How can I give a meaning to data?*
Our team of experts will add meaning to your data transforming them into linked data.
**Get the ontology of your data**

fully managed linked data

*How can I update my data?*
Don't worry, our service is always available and your data will be always up to date.
**Pay just what you use**

build your knowledge graph in minutes

Step 3:

ask questions and get value

leverage our service to find answers to your questions

ask questions to data

How should I ask question to data?
Just define your questions in plain english and our data scientists will create the queries for you.
Private SPARQL endpoint

Connect to your systems

How can I connect this service to my systems?
Use our APIs to export answers as CSV, XML or json directly into your systems.
Customizable adaptors

Data Design Thinking

Which value can I extract from data?
The point in web 3.0 is not having data but getting value from them. We have a method based on design thinking to do that.
Book your Data Design Thinking®

Unlock the potential of neuro-symbolic A.I.

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Integrate our products in your applications

available as source code, license or as a service"


Buids your knowledge graph with few simple commands.

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Query your data using your natural language

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Classify your text just providing few examples

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