We are a private enterprise resulting from over ten years of research and projects.
Our mission is to help any company, in any size, to manage and use data securely, generating business value.
Our solutions are not invasive and can be used in the cloud with setup times, management and maintenance included and total scalability, depending on what you need with simplicity and transparency.
Our core value is data security. LinkedData.Center allows you to publish and use open data in accordance with the latest standards. This is particularly useful for governments, universities and public administrations.

Our headquarter

LinkedData.Center s.r.l.
Via Leonardo da Vinci 10 - 23900 Lecco (Lc),Italy
Telegram/WhatsApp: +39 335 6382949
E-mail: info@LinkedData.Center

TAXID: IT03587150131 (CD:USAL8PV)
REA: 320938
CS: €300.000,00 i.v.

Open labs

LinkedData.Center Open Labs
Via Montefiori 13 - 23825 Esino Lario(LC),Italy