Recipients of this Information

The company named “LinkedData.Center SRL” is committed to protecting Your Personal Data in accordance with the requirements of the privacy regulations set forth in the EU Regulation 679 2016 (GDPR).

This information outlines the purposes for which we may use Your data, how we manage them, to whom they may be disclosed, where they may be transferred, and what Your rights are.

This information is directed to the company’s clients, website visitors, sympathizers, collaborators, and those who wish to stay informed about the company’s activities or intend to contribute to it.

Who will process my data?

Your data will be processed, as the Data Controller, by LinkedData.Center SRL, with registered office at via Leonardo da Vinci, 10, Lecco, tax code 03587150131, email: (hereinafter the “Controller”).

The list of External Data Processors is available at the Controller’s headquarters.

Why do you need my data?

The Controller will use Your data exclusively for the following purposes:

1) Communications related to the administrative activities of the Company, including communications concerning the convocations of members and administrative bodies, management of disciplinary proceedings, any other possible activity related to the ordinary or extraordinary activities of the Company. 2) Management of relationships with third-party authorities and public entities for purposes related to specific requests and compliance with any legal obligations and regulations. 3) Management of relationships with third parties, associations, and organizations (also linked or controlled by the Company), within the limits allowed by law, privacy code, and the Company’s statute and code of ethics. 4) Operational management of contractually activated services and related registration data or access to any personal accounts opened by You, also for the purpose of managing data security and services offered by the Company. 5) Implementation of measures aimed at compliance with anti-money laundering regulations, including activities aimed at identifying you and your reliability regarding the origin of funds to the Company.

LinkedData.Center will process data:

  • because it is necessary for the management of activities referred to in points 1) – 5) above and for the ongoing relationship with You;
  • because it is necessary to comply with legal obligations to which we are subject (e.g., accounting, remuneration, social security obligations, anti-terrorism checks);
  • because the processing is necessary to pursue a legitimate interest (e.g., anti-money laundering checks, fraud prevention, safeguarding the Company’s strategic interests).

As a result, the provision of personal data is mandatory for the purposes listed in points 1) – 5) above.

Any partial or total failure to provide data will result in partial or total impossibility to achieve the purposes outlined above.

We will not use Your personal data for purposes other than those described in this information, except by informing You in advance and, where necessary, obtaining Your consent.

How will you use my data?

LinkedData.Center aims to protect the data of its clients, members, sympathizers, website visitors, collaborators, employees, etc., basing their processing on the principles of fairness, lawfulness, and transparency.

Therefore, we inform you that your personal data will be processed using suitable tools and procedures to ensure maximum security and confidentiality, through paper archives and supports, with the aid of digital media, computer, and telematic means.

Company communications may take place through traditional methods (e.g., postal mail, operator-assisted phone calls), automated methods (e.g., automated phone calls), and similar methods (e.g., fax, email, SMS, MMS).

However, you have the option to exercise the right of objection, which, in the absence of your contrary indication, will apply to both traditional and automated communications.

What personal data do you process?

LinkedData.Center requests only the data necessary to carry out the activities referred to in points 1) – 5) above, in compliance with the principle of minimization as per art. 5, point 1, letter c) GDPR. The requested personal data are therefore adequate, relevant, and limited to what is necessary for the relationship between the associate and the association and for the associate’s associative life, as well as for the legal obligations to which the Company is subject. The requested data are essentially as follows:

  • NAME
  • PEC (if possessed)
  • DETAILS OF IDENTITY DOCUMENT (Number, issuing authority, expiry date, any scan of the document)

Health or judicial data are not required.

However, you may disclose (even if not expressly requested by the Company) information regarding your political and trade union opinions or details regarding your criminal record. Such information will never be expressly requested by the Company, but if provided voluntarily by you, for example when applying for roles that involve incompatibilities, it will be processed by the Company in accordance with the provisions of the Italian Data Protection Authority and Regulation (EU) 2016679, also in light of the Measure no. 107 of March 6, 2014, where applicable after May 25, 2018.

How long will you keep my information?

Your personal data will be kept, starting from their receipt/update, for a reasonable period with respect to the processing purposes mentioned above.

Here is the duration of the different treatments:

Categories Duration Main legal references
Candidates for a job/collaboration/consultancy with the Company maximum 24 months art. 11 lett. e) of Legislative Decree 1962003 and art. 5 lett. e) of EU Reg. 2016679
Employees/collaborators of the Company 10 years art. 43 of Legislative Decree 60073; art. 2946 civil code on ordinary prescription; Title I, Chapter III, of Legislative Decree no. 8108 and subsequent amendments
Members and administrators 5 – 10 years art. 2948 civil code which provides for a 5-year prescription for periodic payments; art. 2220 civil code which provides for the preservation for 10 years of accounting records; art. 22 of Presidential Decree 29 September 1973, n.600.

Will you share my information with other parties?

LinkedData.Center communicates your personal data to third parties who assist the Company in carrying out various corporate activities, including the management of the internet platform and connected computer systems.

These third parties are the so-called data processors, a figure now provided for in art. 4, point 8 of the GDPR and subsequent art. 28 GDPR.

Furthermore, the Company may disclose your data to third parties to fulfill obligations arising from laws, regulations, community regulations, or aspects concerning the management and execution of the corporate relationship.

For all the purposes indicated in this information, Your data may be communicated abroad, within and outside the European Union, in compliance with the rights and guarantees provided by current regulations, subject to verification that the country in question guarantees an “adequate” level of protection.

The data will also be processed by internal resources of LinkedData.Center, adequately trained, who operate as authorized personnel for data processing.

It is also informed that, in compliance with a company policy, all company emails will be stored through an outsourced archiving system.

Access to the archived data may be granted only to public authorities, in cases and manners provided by the laws in force, in the event of judicial disputes.

Your personal data are not subject to disclosure.

What are my rights?

At any time, you have the right to request:

  • access to your personal data;
  • their rectification in case of inaccuracy;
  • erasure;
  • restriction of their processing.

You also have:

  • the right to portability, i.e., to receive in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format the personal data provided by you,
  • the right to object to their processing:
  • if processed for the legitimate interests of LinkedData.Center;
  • if processed for informational purposes without your explicit consent;

We will handle Your request with the utmost commitment to ensure the effective exercise of Your rights.

Yes, you can revoke Your consent at any time, without prejudice to:

  • the lawfulness of the processing based on the consent given before the revocation;
  • further processing of the same data based on other legal bases (e.g., contractual obligations or legal obligations to which LinkedData.Center is subject).

Do I still have questions?

For further information on this information or on any privacy-related topic, or if you wish to exercise Your rights or revoke Your consent, you can contact directly


Please note that this information may be updated on this website. We invite you to check this page periodically.